JoJo Custom Doll by Commission


Do you know what a JoJo custom doll by commission is good for? It helps you feel good. JoJo Dolls are infused with positive energy, charged and ready to go by the hundreds of wraps of yarn around their bodies and the goodies wrapped inside.


Their unique spiritual feel comes from the love, gemstones, herbs, and aromatherapy essential oils that they are created with. Their souls develop bit by bit during their creation, reaching an identity about halfway through. Then the doll tells me how to make it. I listen to the doll.

Still, I’ll also work with you to find a mix of gemstones, essential oils, and/or herbs to create the magic that you need. I hand-make JoJo Dolls with yarn and an armature, gemstones, herbs, essential oils, symbolic colors, notions, intentions, sigils, and whatever else the doll calls for.

You can choose almost every aspect of this custom doll. You choose:

  • Gemstones (up to 3 depending on doll size)
  • Herbs
  • Essential aromatherapy oils
  • Images, notions, intentions, and sigils
  • Colors
  • Pose
  • Props
  • Ask and we’ll consider anything.

Your choices of some aspects of your JoJo custom doll may increase the cost. No price increases occur without your knowledge and permission.

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Additional information

Doll Height

Under 4 inches, 4-8 inches, 8 – 14 inches, 14-20 inches, 20-24 inches