You-Do-You Voodoo Doll for Your Health and Wellness

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Leela is a You-Do-You Voodoo Doll intended to enhance your mental health and wellness. Leela carries three gemstones within her body and, in her necklace, aromatherapy essential oil.


Leela, a beautiful handmade voodoo spirit doll created with wrapped yarn, captures the intentions of mental health and wellness to share with you. If any doll can inspire calm, beauty, and health of body, mind, and spirit, it is Leela. She contains three rough gemstones, aromatherapy essential oil in her necklace, and beautiful gemstone bead jewelry.

Her hair is styled in a messy bun and beneath her long skirt is a pair of pink lace-up sneakers that let her walk far and wide (to aid you in lucid dreaming, if you like). Make sure you look at her images – some show her construction as she came to life.

You should display her in a place where you see and can touch her gently. My grandmother keeps her JoJo doll on the armchair in the living room and pretends to pinch her cheeks when she walks by. The interaction seems to keep both my grandmother and the doll energized. You can place this You-Do-You Voodoo Doll in the light of the new or full moon or on/near a selenite crystal to recharge her gemstone ‘batteries’.

The Gemstones Inside

Wrapped inside Leela’s body are three rough gemstones: orange calcite, bloodstone and amazonite (you can see them in one of the images).

Orange calcite energizes you and cleanses your mind and physical body of clogs, stagnant energy, and other problems. It helps you to balance your emotions, face fear and anxiety, and move you through a depressive episode as quickly as possible. Orange calcite is well-suited to help you deal with reproductive system and digestive area problems such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

Bloodstone heals your energy and stimulates your immune system. It increases the metabolic process and detoxifies any organ that secretes something (such as the uterus, liver, kidneys, intestines, etc.). Bloodstone grounds you and helps you get used to changes (like a change in diet or physical activity) while helping you to dispel anxiety and live in the present.

Amazonite helps you balance your physical and spiritual energies, allowing your aura to glow and your physical body to maintain health. It soothes trauma and repulses negative energy.

Aromatherapy Essential Oil

The bottle on Leela’s necklace holds jasmine essential oil. It is calming and uplifting and will guide you through your dreams and take the edge off decision-making.

How This Spirit Doll Is Made

Leela is made of 16-gauge steel armature covered with cord and batting for body heft, then wrapped in yarn.

Other materials Used: Rough gemstones, aromatherapy essential oil, wire ribbon, gemstone beads, glue, copper wire, jewelry charms

17’’ tall x 14” wide x 8” thick
About 2 lbs.

This doll does not stand on her own, but would in a doll stand for chubby dolls or perhaps a saddle-type stand.

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