Forest Spirit Art Doll with Gemstones and Essential Oils

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Ella, a forest spirit, is a one-of-a-kind (OOAK) art doll, made with love. The spirit doll intends to enhance your clarity, intuition, inner peace, and ability to accept what you can’t change so you can work on the things you can. Enriched with clear quartz, amethyst, unakite, and essential oils, she is uniquely suited to the forest’s healing energy.


Ella will be your guide on your life travels. Her energy helps you to keep a clear mind, hear your intuition, trust yourself, and to feel more peaceful in chaos. She will protect you and help you meditate if meditation is your thing.

Ella carries a walking stick that is decorated to warn gentle woodland animals of her presence and to help her over the forest’s bumpy ground. You can borrow it for stability when you feel “off”. This gentle spirit doll carries spruce and birch essential oils for aromatherapy. There is a handmade diffuser on her walking stick for you to use.

Important Notes

As I created Ella, I sensed a bit of an attitude! If you need one, she’s got it for you. She was very particular about how she was made. I re-bent the armature and pulled off and replaced yarn and beads several times to help this spirit of the forest be content. She certainly knows who she is.

It’s a good idea to place this art doll somewhere you will see her often as spirit dolls thrive on attention. Say hello or ask her how she is feeling. Take a deep breath and then release it to hear her answer. And remember, what she relates to you is what you need to hear. She has only a calm, loving tone, so if you sense anything ugly, it cannot come from her. Likely that’s your inner critic instead. Take another deep breath and try again.

Gemstones, Essential Oils, and Intentions

The meanings of gemstones and essential oils related to this art doll vary based on the science or cultural belief its user follows. So, the meanings below are the ones I intended for Ella, the Forest Sprite. I lean heavily toward Native American translations, but I often incorporate other cultures too. If you find other meanings that you like, use them instead (or also).

Crystal Therapy

Clear quartz will, among other things:
• Cleanse your brain
• Clear your thinking
• Sharpen focus
• Strengthen your intuition
• Build self-trust
• Deliver healing to your body, mind and spirit
• Balance your chakras and biological body-systems

Amethyst is known to, among other things:
• Lead you toward what you could change and away from things you cannot change
• Deepen your intuition
• Increase inner peace
• Help you make sound, sober decisions
• Boost immunity
• Help you sleep

Unakite will, among other things:
• Help you heal after any type of trauma
• Support a healthy pregnancy and a healthy unborn child
• Keep you grounded
• Balance mind and spirit
• Release blockages keeping you from growth
• Spark your motivation


Sweet Birch represents renewal or rebirth and is said to, among other things:
• Clear sinuses
• Clear the mind
• Give strength
• Offer psychic protection
• Purify or clear negativity

Spruce essential oil is said to, among other things:
• Clear the lungs (try dropping a little bit in a diffuser)
• Clarify the mind and spirit by releasing blockages
• Calm your mind
• Invigorate
• Heal
• Harmonize


“Sky above. Earth below. Peace within.”

“Full health, Creativity, Intuition”


This doll is made of a metal skeleton wrapped with cotton cord, batting, and yarn. She’s embellished with beads and feathers. Make sure you look at her images – some show her construction as she came to life. She took longer to make than most others.

Ella is 20 inches tall and weighs right under 4 pounds. She’ll arrive in a rather large box, approximately 20” x 18” x 16”. I do reuse boxes when I have one the correct size to help save the trees and whatnot.

This art doll does not stand on her own but would in a doll stand for chubby dolls.

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