You-Do-You Voodoo Doll, Clear Quartz #1You-Do-You Voodoo Doll, Clear Quartz #1bYou-Do-You Voodoo Doll with Crystal Skull, FrontYou-Do-You Voodoo Doll, Clear Quartz Skull, BackYou-Do-You Voodoo Doll, Clear Quartz Skull, FrontYou-Do-You Voodoo Doll in Hand

Voodoo Doll Made with Clear Quartz Crystal


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A You-Do-You Voodoo Doll© that you can hold in your hand. Perfect for

  • getting a fresh start,
  • clearing negative energy,
  • focusing your thoughts,
  • and more.

This beautiful You-Do-You voodoo doll with clear quartz crystal won’t scare or hurt anyone, but she is magical! You use her for comprehensive clearing, cleaning, and clarity of your space, mind, body, and spirit. She’s infused with pure intentions and handmade by wrapping yarn around a  skeleton of small branches.

This voodoo doll’s clear quartz crystal skull is held in place with wire and jewelry glue, but her personality comes from a pure source. She’s wearing a vibrant multi-colored dress that complements her black, braided hair wrapped with metal and yarn.

Why Is This Doll Special?

This You-Do-You voodoo doll with a clear quartz crystal skull helps you to:

  • Find mental clarity and emotional stability
  • Do healing work on yourself or others
  • Strengthen your immune system
  • Balance bodily systems and hormones
  • Manifest the energies you need for success, i.e. helping you focus on your desire
  • Create inner peace
  • Increase your energy levels or redirect excess energy (such as anxious energy)
  • Improve your memory/recall
  • Attract positive energy, repel negative energy
  • Reflect your love back to you, increase self-love so you can love others more perfectly

You can leave this You-Do-You Voodoo doll on your bed or carry her in your purse. You could ask her to watch over your other crystals to help them stay clear. Whatever you need, just whisper it in her ear and she’ll help you with it. If you think she’s a bit confused, clear her with a night under the full or new moon on your windowsill.

This voodoo doll made with clear quartz crystal is a “You-Do-You Voodoo Doll” because these dolls help their people with love, money, success, and more (depending on the stone used). Each has her own personality and her own crystal. You could collect them to create a squad of effigies to suit your every need.

Further Information

This doll is 8 inches tall, 4 inches abreast, and 1.25 inches from the side. She weighs about 8 oz.

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