Day of the Dead Dolls, Dia de los Muertos Muñecas, Couple 2

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Two Day of the Dead dolls (Dia de Los Muertos) partner up for a dance to celebrate the lives of loved ones who passed on.

The Catrina doll (the female, of course) wears a traditional Day of the Dead full-skirt dress, a headdress made of flowers, a beaded belt, and a pink slip of yarn. The male doll wears a white shirt of wrapped yarn and trim, striped blue and red pants, bead bracelets, and a beaded sash. Both have iridescent seed beads for the eyes. They are soft and feel nice in your hand.


This couple was very happy to ‘come to life’ and they made me feel like dancing as I made them. Both have happy, mellow personalities and wish the best for everyone who comes into contact with them. I get the feeling they are not a romantic couple – more like siblings who share unconditional love and have many happy memories together. But a long, true love elicits those feelings of comfort and freedom to be yourself too, so I’ll let you decide on their relationship.

The dolls are about 8 inches tall with the male being shorter by an inch. Their skeleton bodies came from a ‘skeleton garland’ I found at a Halloween shop. The bodies were posed by cutting off limbs, adding armature wire, and twisting them up a bit to create the dolls as you see in the images. It sounds gruesome, but souls feel no physical pain so I wouldn’t worry about the amputations and twists if I were you.

These Day of the Dead dolls do not stand on their own. In the images, they are hanging in a photo light box from clear elastic strings. In the video, I am holding them.

If you are interested in personalized, custom Day of the Dead dolls or any other type of yarn-wrapped doll, contact me and we’ll talk.